Yacht Refit and New Build



It goes without saying that every project is a unique snowflake!
I believe core competencies of a good Project Manager are rooted in one’s ability to navigate rough and still waters with the same level of effort and ease.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to deliver a quality product that is successful and evokes a sense of pride: the expectations of what you’re to deliver should never be overshadowed by the scope or timeline; so, while it’s important to complete and deliver on time and under budget, you should never lose sight of delivering a quality product

From my experience as Client Project Manager and Shipyard Superintendent, successful project management comes down to proper planning, keeping everyone on the team in-sync as well as keeping an honest look on potential risks.
In order to provide a true and fair estimate based on the client’s needs, it is vital to uncover every possible detail of the project and client’s expectations. Whether it’s a new build or restoration project, detailed planning with naval architects and the owner is required prior to engaging a yard, so that any quotes can be accurately prepared.
Looking for and being honest about risks is vital for the project’s best interest. Communication must be clear and come early and often, continuously following-up with the collective project team in order to keep things straight.