Personal Italian Chef



Pursuing purpose, not a plan, is always my priority. With the objective of making you feel special and valued.

Although traditions may be changing, in Italy food shopping is still a daily affair and the purchases tend to be fresh ingredients. There are strong particularities in Italian gastronomy with marked regional characteristics that escape globalisation. Having a strong traditional Italian background has taught me how to appreciate and value the essential qualities of food itself.

In response to consumers more sophisticated palates and higher nutritional demands, it’s simply a matter that our daily foods need to be better. I don’t only mean light, organic and all of that. There’s a need to recreate the foods we eat, getting rid of and finding alternatives to trans fats, saturated fats, and so on.

Resensitising our palates, nose, eyes, ears to how good food, should, could and does taste, smell, look and crunch is fundamental for the appreciation of food.